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Our aim has been from the begining to be able to offer as many interesting new wines to our customers as possible. The base of our wine list is from France, Italy and Spain from where we have chosen wines from the small producers and their personalised and preferably biologically crown wines.

To complete our wine list we have added some new world specials as Yelands Sauvignon Blanc and Vina Leydas Las Brisas Pinot Noir (wine of the year in Finland 2010), to mention the few. The main focus is in the wines that are made to enjoy with the meals since we are a dining restaurant. To make it easy for our customers to get to know as many of our wines as possible we have offered several wines also by glass. Even if the wine You are interested in is not prized by the glass dont hesitate to ask for it.

As an non alcoholic produkt worth mentioning is our sparkling wine of spruce sprouts from the Korpihilla manor in Lappland. Exceptional product for exceptional moment.






Dessert wines

Sparkling wines and Champagne

Red wines

White and Rosé wines