Origo Catering

Restaurant Origo prepares high-quality home made dishes which are a mix of French and Nordic kitchens. On the other words we salute to the French cuisine with a Nordic twist and have high respect to the local ingredients. We aim to discover and display different kinds of local specialties and our food is many times based on simple home cooking.

Our restaurant is open all year around. Originally, we have served our guests only in our restaurant, but since our operations have stabilized, we offer our services also for our guests own special occasions, such as weddings, family celebrations, corporate events, meetings, etc., outside the restaurant.

We are pleased to design set menus to your occasion and if you wish, we are ready to take responsibility of arrangements of the whole event from the decoration and presetting of the premises up to the planning of entertainment. Corporate event can be spiced up with Carting driving or Paint Ball event, a fishing trip or for the female members aimed set of wellness and beauty treatments. There is always the possibility of sauna, or even visit to the organic sheep farm.

Here we have a few menu packages which we have used successfully on our events. Menus can also be mixed freely or we can design a special menu just for your event. Menu prices are different depending on the number of the guests, the place and the time of the venue and of course the content of the menu, please ask our offer!

Origos menu packages 2016