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Our food philosophy

We always want to provide a unique experience focused on food and wine and surrounded by the unique and romantic warehouse milieu. We draw inspiration from French cuisine, but we also respect local suppliers and aim to use locally sourced and organic food as it is seasonally available.

Hanko menu

Origo’s Hanko Menu is a three-to-four course set menu focusing on locally sourced food. It aims to present the season’s best ingredients as cleanly and naturally as possible. The starter, for example, could be made with the chef’s neighbour’s Jerusalem artichokes, or a creamy pumpkin soup made from a local farmer’s pumpkins and paired with home-baked bread.

As a main course, the menu often features a local hunter’s seaducks (wild duck, eider, and common or green-winged teal), or lamb from the Bovik organic farm, prepared in a variety of ways. Garnishes and sides contain mushrooms picked by our staff, such as turban fungus, chanterelles, porcini or trumpet chanterelles, as well as locally farmed vegetables, such as asparagus, Jerusalem artichoke and various root vegetables, etc.

For dessert we serve pies and cakes made with locally picked berries like blueberries, or vegetables such as rhubarb.

It is possible to add a fourth course to the menu with the handmade cheese from local cheesemakers (Fiskars or Kolattu in Somero) and our very own jam.

The archipelago buffet

Origo’s archipelago buffet is laden with creations from our own kitchen, conjured from delicious locally sourced ingredients alongside more traditional Finnish archipelago products, served fresh on a bed of crushed ice.

Our famous buffet includes around 30 different dishes featuring fish, meat and vegetables, primarily the handiwork of our very own chef. Take your pick of the house warm-smoked gravlax, cured in lemon and sherry; our fish and meat pâtés; pike-perch balls; shellfish; green, mushroom and potato salads; the fantastic Atlantic and Baltic herring caught by local fisherman Tage Gustafsson; rainbow trout roe and garnishes, etc.

Our archipelago buffet also includes hot dill potatoes, the restaurant’s very own archipelago-style bread, and a lighter bread with butter.

The archipelago buffet can also be combined with the dessert of the day, which can include e.g. crème brûlée, a seasonal blueberry or rhubarb pie, or perhaps the house chocolate cake.

The archipelago buffet is served every summer from the beginning of june until mid september and again at christmas time.


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